Site Selection for Life Sciences Companies 2013

For Life Sciences companies it has never been easy selecting a location for HQs, shared services centers, manufacturing or R+D operations in Europe. A huge variety of factors must be taken into consideration. Venture Valuation, together with KPMG has analyzed the key decision factors relevant to site selection in Europe. Click here to read or download the full report ››

One thought on “Site Selection for Life Sciences Companies 2013”

  1. Dear Patrick – we hold the definitive database on life sciences companies in the Oxford & Thames Valley cluster, and with nearly 200 data points on the Oxford life sciences map, and around 160 data points on our Thames Valley map, the combined set exceeds 300 companies for the Oxford & Thames Valley component (outside the M25 London ring road). OBN would love to discuss your criteria offline, as your report marks up just 68 companies. I believe this to be a gross underestimate. However, in general the report is very useful and very interesting. We are publishing the first draft of the Thames Valley life sciences map on Nov 12 at a special event in Oxford.

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